What We Do

What We Do

J. V. Bruni and Company is an investment management firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The firm was founded in Colorado Springs in 1992 and has clients not only in Colorado, but in over 30 other states as of December 2021.  We provide discretionary personalized money management services on a fee-only basis for individuals, retirement plans, trusts, corporations and nonprofit organizations.   

We emphasize diversified portfolios of individual securities, tailoring each portfolio to the client's specific objectives and requirements.  We typically employ a tiered fee rate, assessed in arrears at the end of each quarter and based on an average of month-end portfolio values.  Since no firm can serve two masters, we align our interests with those of our clients, and we maintain no other source of revenue.  We are not compensated in any way by the companies we select for our clients' portfolios nor do we receive commission revenue.  For a given percentage fee, it follows that our compensation is higher when portfolios grow, and lower if they decline.

We believe in regular communication with our clients, and we write an informative monthly letter containing our analyses of current economic and investment conditions and issues.  In addition to our letters, clients receive comprehensive quarterly performance reports detailing each account's net investment performance since the inception of our work and quarterly realized gains and losses reports for taxable accounts.

We feel that a money manager's first responsibility is to invest the time necessary to help clients understand their financial alternatives and to formulate their unique investment objectives.  Our portfolio manager talks directly with each new client and discusses the relationships between investment risk and potential return, the historical characteristics of financial market behavior and performance, and our current outlook for various types of investments.  We do this in order to inform and educate our clients, so they can better formulate their specific investment objectives.  In addition, we encourage clients to further personalize their objectives by identifying pertinent time frames, withdrawal requirements and tax considerations.  We always respect client requests to avoid specific investments or industries for personal reasons.

Every money management firm has established a track record of investment performance and its own reputation regarding integrity.  We are proud of our record of investment achievement—we'd be happy to share it with you along with other important information such as our initial account minimums.  Further, we invite prospective clients to inquire about our reputation for integrity both within our local community and nationwide among our clients.  Although we can't reveal client names, you are probably visiting our website at the recommendation of a client—and we are proud that our clients are our greatest source of new referrals.