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People think computers will keep them from making mistakes. They’re wrong. With computers you make mistakes faster.

Adam Osborne, creator of first commercially-available portable computer

The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

Phillip Fisher

Ambition is the path to success.  Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

Bill Bradley

Investing without research is like playing poker without looking at your cards.

Peter Lynch

On March 11th, it will be 77 years since I first invested in an American business. The year was 1942, I was 11, and I went all in, investing $114.75 I had begun accumulating at age six. … I had become a capitalist, and it felt good. …The nation’s citizens understood, of course, that the road ahead would not be a smooth ride. It never had been. … Nevertheless, in 1942, when I made my purchase, the nation expected post-war growth, a belief that proved to be well-founded. In fact, the nation’s achieve­ments can best be described as breathtaking.

Warren Buffett