Predictions About Retirement

Nov 2009

In an era of increasing life expec­tancies, the retirement age for the average worker is apt to increase steadily.  Indeed, of all the expecta­tions we are discussing, this is the one we feel the most confident about.  In terms of the average retirement age, 70 will likely become the new 65.  We know that not everyone can work to age 70, but many others can (and will) work past 70.  Importantly, this one change will do more to help the economy and favorably address issues like tax rates and pensions than any other change we can imagine.  For those who mourn losing some of their expected retirement years, they might take some consolation in knowing that even retiring at 70, most people will enjoy longer retirements than most genera­tions throughout history.  Of course, those who enjoy their work are in the best position.